Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dammit I'm going to do it!!

I have considered myself "fat" (not in the good way) for about 11 yrs now (that is how old my baby will be in two months). So I have finally gotten fed up with it!! So long fat girl, here comes the hotness!! This all started about 6 weeks ago, I got an iphone and started playing with all the bazillion apps that you can get for it. Well hubby and I both got the "lose it" app. For the first time I am actually keeping track of what I eat, and I get more exited when I can put in my exercise. What is funny is somehow this little program has made me want to lose it. I started out just wondering what I actually ate during the day and found out that, well I ate to freaking much!! The first two weeks I only put in my food every couple of days cause I think I was scared to see the damage that I had been doing to myself. However the last 4 weeks I have been entering in my food after every meal and snack. I'm startin out slow at a pound a week but so far in 3 weeks I have lost 2.5 pounds. I'm not seeing it on my body but the scale is telling me that it is working. My goal is 100 pound, which will take two years (ugh!!) but I will make it this time I know it!!

this is me and my hunny at Epcot (me at 220 lbs, ugh I hate this picture!) But I have something to look forward to, a thinner healthier me!!! :D
More updates to come!!