Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lay Off or vacation

As of July 10th my hubby is no longer employed. The company he worked for has been doing layoffs every couple months for the past year. We were hoping that them moving him to another office would spare him from getting the boot, but no. At least he rode it out for almost a year.

So he has been home everyday for almost a month, not complaining I really like him being home. I just don't want to get too used to the idea of him being home, because I know as smart and talented as he is that he WILL find a job, and then he will be gone during the day again!

I just worry about him, I mean is losing a job like a death? He has been all distant and grumpy. I try to make him laugh, I've gotten grumpy with him, nothing seems to help!! I LOVE having him home, I just wish he would get back to his old self again before he finds a job.

Or before I find one! I had a job interview on Tuesday, it went well I think, as good as interviews go. The lady seemed to like me and the fact that I had a degree. So fingers crossed I will hear something in the next couple days about that!!
Then he can be the stay at home daddy, and I can be the bread winner, which will be completely strange after 12 years of the other way around, but I'm looking forward to the idea of that!!

So keep us in your thoughts and I know we will make it to the other side where the rainbows are and the sun is shining!! :D

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