Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25 2011

Some back story is needed before I start I suppose; last week my lovely kiddos left the bathroom floor wet, so when I went into the bathroom I stepped on the wet floor and as I did in did the unintentional splits. (OUCH) It hurt for a second and I "thought" I was ok, went to work, no problems. By the time I got home I was sore and thought it was just from working. Fast forward to today, I was STILL hurting so I went to the doctors finally, had to wait till I had time. The doctor told me that it was my sciatic nerve "flaring up" UGH!
After going to get some meds to "help" the problem I came home. Home to three kids and my wonderful hubby. The Oldest (aka the teenager), our daughter (aka the girl or mini me), and the youngest (aka monkey), So the girl and the youngest were fighting over the big TV in the den, oldest was on the computer (in the den) and hubby was in the bedroom playing his video game. Took Meds and decided to lay on the couch. Played Judge for the fight on the TV and we "decided" to watch a movie. All was calm while watching the movie and most of the remainder of the day, the teenage was online or playing video games all day, monkey and the girl played nicely together.
It wasn't until dinner that the chaos started!!
Every meal time is a who can be funnier than who time. I'm sure there will be plenty of dinner conversations posted on here soon!!
So after dinner with hyped up on funny and the impending threat of NASTY weather, kiddos all chaos broke lose!!. We had wind of about 20ish miles an hour the girl and monkey decided to go out and play basketball on a full side hoop, they played outside till dark. Then it got dark, still waiting on the "weather" to come in. I wanted to watch a local channel to keep an eye on said weather. I newly two amigos decided to give me a math quiz, so the girl(just finished 4th grade) and monkey (just finished kindergarten) gave me a math quiz, and they were watching the weather reports too and getting increasingly more nervous, were told it was time for bed (it was 9:45) they threw a fit!! So we decided that since it is summer break we would let them "camp out" in the living room.
Now that they have calmed down and the storms are pretty much over for now all is quite. The teenager is going to be ticked at me in a few because about to tell him to go to his bed (of course is it 11:30 now)

Hoping tomorrow is not as crazy......but i doubt it!!

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