Friday, January 29, 2010

OMG I blogged!!!

Life gets crazy, and I don't have thousands of readers hanging on my every post. So I don't post that much, sue me.
Today I just wanted everyone to know that I feel great!! It is kinda of a rare thing for ME to feel GREAT, but I do, and here is why.
I went shopping last night after having a fun dinner with my wonderful hubby and kidlets. We went to IHOP, that is not really that important to the story, but anyway. After dinner we decided to do some shopping, looked around at all the cool "toys" at Best buy, then we headed over to Target (my favorite place :D). We went there to get the kidlets boots, cause it is suppose to snow like crazy here(FYI in TN we don't get much snow). So as soon as we walked in I headed to the purses, cause I love them Hello!! Next to the purses were these cute knit hats, I am so not a hat person, but I like to try them on, why, well because it is fun to look totally stupid while in a store!! Well I tried one on and my hubby tells me "oh that looks cute" (He says that a lot and I think I look like shit most of the time) So I went on to another hat and he said that one looked cute too. I had to find a mirror to see if it was "really" cute or just "I love you in a garbage bag" cute. Found the mirror and Damn I was looking cute. I RARELY think that about myself. So I put the cute hat in my cart and on we shopped. I also got a very plain looking top to match my hat.
This morning I was putting my outfit together, hat, shirt, sweater, scarf(cause it is cold) and jeans. Off to work I went!! I have had so many complaiments on my outfit today it is making me think I need to wear it everyday!! OR I need to do a lot more shopping and get more "cute" outfits!!! :D So if you see someone looking exceptionally cute today, be sure you let them know. You might just make today the best ever for them.

Feel Great Today!! :D

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