Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's been a while

Has it really been 4 months since I posted something on here?!?!?! Well I guess so, a lot has happened and nothing has happened. I am not going to relive the last 4 months with you, instead I choose to bitch about the weather. Yes I said weather. I live in freaking Tennessee, where there is no actual winter. We have spring, and fall which is about the same temperature, and then there is summer were you can fry eggs on your forehead if you stay outside too long, and then there is the rainy season a.k.a "winter"! Well I say BULLSHIT!! I want winter to be winter, you know what I mean, like when in gets cold, you have snow. Not some cold ass rainy weather!!! Blame it on "global warming" or some shit like that but when I was a kid, I remember it snowing way more than it does now. I want my kids to play in the snow, have snowball fights, build snowmen, snow forts and all the cool stuff that I used to do as a kids. But NO they get nasty, gross, cold freaking rain!! I think I need to have a winter home somewhere that actually GETS snow!!! So long Tennessee, somewhere north here I come!!

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