Monday, August 17, 2009

Keys to the candy shop!

About two weeks ago I found out that I ACTUALLY got a job!! "You will be starting on August 17th". So I had two weeks of worrying and wondering what life at work was going to be like and worrying and wondering about leaving the house and the kids. Yeah I made myself sick, well didn't actually get sick from the nerves until Friday, I could barely eat and had a monster headache.

I went to bed early last night, well early for me which was about 1am. Got up at 6am, did my normal morning stuff, get the kids ready for school and to the bus stop on time. Then it was time for me to get myself ready, I was shaking with nerves!

Made it to work early :) (brownie points?) First things first, I got taken around to meet all of my fellow employees. All very nice by the way. Then it was time to get to it, my trainer gave me a three page (yeah it could be worse, but I haven't worked in 8 yrs!!!) list of duty that I would have to do daily. Overwhelming? YES!! But now it was time to dive into that list of things to do!! And once I got to doing everything it came to me a lot easier than I was making it out to be.

All was going well, and then it was time for lunch. Everyone takes lunch at the same time and we all sit down to eat together, kinda like a little family. Even the conversation is like being at home. So what did we talk about POOP!!! Yep that is right we talked about poop for about 15 minutes, ok I say we but I just listened and tried not to spit my food across the table!!!

After lunch I got to take the COMPANY car to go and run some errands. WTF I get to drive a company car!! Ok so I have to share, but I have a set of keys and one other person has a set!!

Errands done, keys back in my desk, and back to the list. One of the things on my list is I have to scan file, not a big deal. However, when the copy/fax/scanner is taller than you, there is a problem. My feet were killing me so I decided to take my shoes off for a second while I was just standing there. While the shoes were off, the scanner finished and had to put in more papers to scan. While on tippy toes to put the paper up boob hit the start button!!! It was then I realized that I either need to keep my shoes on (that are killing me) or I need a step stool!! NO I DID NOT MAKE COPIES OF MY BOOBS!! However that would be really funny, but not the first day of work!

The rest of the day was rather quiet. I closed up the office and came home. So glad to be home, tired, feet hurt, but ready to get in there tomorrow and kick butt!! I think I am going to love my job!!


Shima said...

Poop, boob copying, and a car. What is not to like about this job :D.

Nikola said...

wow very cool day!!! I want one of those copies!

Traci said...

This job was made for you! Glad you had a good first day :D