Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Desperatly seeking myself

Trying to figure out a focus and direction for this thing called life. I am a wife, mother, college graduate (with no job), I have lots of hobbies and a feeling of no direction. My husband says I'm the best wife. My kids think I am cool (most of the time). What do I think of me? I guess that is the problem I don't know, I feel like I am just taking up space in the world. Don't get me wrong I love my husband and kids, but I want more from life. I want the pretty house, I want the career of my dream(not sure what that is), I want to be debt free and stress free. I have a degree in finance so I should be debt free and stress free, but the career I am looking for is no where to be found. Oh wait I can find it, but never get the job....grrrr it makes me mad. I have the degree that says I "know" what I am doing but since I didn't "work" my way through school, I have no experience. NO EXPERIENCE!!! I was a full time student, full time mom of two, then had another child, a full time wife, when was I suppose to squeeze a full time paying job into the mix? I would really love to put that on my resume but, it wouldn't help so what is the use. What was I talking about again...Oh yeah direction to my life. Hmmm, well I am happy staying at home with my children, I just wish it paid the bills. OK I'm going to stop stressing over things and just be happy with what I have, and maybe something will find me instead of me finding it!!

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Pipper said...

Hello! Are you my twin? I have these same thoughts oh, about 100 times a day! I'm not where I know where I want to be but don't know how to get there. Good thing though, we are soooooo not alone feeling this way. Doesn't make it all that much easier when you ARE feeling this way, but we have a lifetime to figure out what and how we are gonna be the people that we know that we can be. I think we already have the answers, but just finding them is the super hard part!