Friday, September 5, 2008

This is my Rehab!!!

In the last month or so I have become increasingly more and more addicted to MOBSTERS a silly little application on myspace. If you are not one of the thousands or millions that do not know what it is.....well your character is a "mobster" and you have to get your friends to join your "mob" and you get to "whack" people and such things like that. I have realized how out of control it has become to me. A typical day for me is to...wake up, put 2 of my 3 kids on the bus (the other one is only 3), put Phineas and Ferb on for the little one, sit down to my computer, check mail (nothing important), check twitter (my other addiction...shhh I'm keeping this one), and log in to myspace and that is where I stay most of the day. I'm not soooo addicted to it that I ignore my family, but still it is on my computer screen all day and I am always fussing with it. So as an attempt to break myself of this addition as I call it, I have been inspired over the last month or so to start a blog. My wonderfully insane hubby ( I love you honey) said that I should start this and I refused because " who is going to read it". Well I have come to the conclusion that I really don't care IF anyone reads it. This is "myspace" to say what I want, about what I want. A place to get this and that out of my head if you will. So as of right now I have no direction in which I plan to go with this, or how often I plan on adding to it. I am hoping that this will become my new addiction and maybe some brave people will join in. Thanks and stay tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

i do not play that game! I do not want to get sucked in! i am building an empire and runnin for Prez no time for shoot em up! hugZ


i hope you make it to the top and buy me something pretty!

Nikola said...

I too need to get out of playing it, I don't spend that much time with it but the time I do spend could be much better utilized. great post and good luck with your replacement addiction.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Cool! You'll love having a place to get things out of your head. Very therapeutic. :-)

Pipper said...

Ok, good news, you are a MySpace person. Me Too! I have a facebook page, but ugh. it's just there. I just don't get it. MySpace is so much better! But, I never played that game, but remember the first few months of my MySpace page and how addicted I got just with the whole process... it totally overcame my life! Now, twitter is probably my drug of choice.