Friday, October 31, 2008

Year of a Million ZZZZZZZ's (part 3 of 4)

hubby and kids in front of Epcot
Day Three...First things first, the night before in Magic Kingdom, my Daughter was Crowned Princess for the day, however it was right before the park closed, so we told her to wear her crown on the third day. While on the bus to Epcot (which we were the only riders) they made and announcement that "We have royalty riding with us today, Welcome Princess! " My daughter thought that was the coolest thing in the whole world. So we started off entering Epcot, and spent an hour or so in the innovations place, then we realized that we needed to get to the World Showcase and for that matter to Norway. Yet another Character meal!! (Damn Disney for making me eat so much!!)

We had lunch in Norway with all (or most) of the Princesses. Not one of my oldest Favorite meals, he looked completely bored. However he may have been jealous of the little one because he was kissed by Jasmine!!
Jasmine gave Erik his first kiss!! Can you see the smirk?
Ky and belleKy and JasmineKy and ArielKy and AroraKy and Cinderelle
He was smitten the rest of the day!!
After lunch we continued to explore the world, round the world in a day!! LOL
While we went around the world, hubby and I tasted a lot of yummy wines. Out of all of the great places around the world my top three were Germany, Italy, and Morocco. While in Morocco I actually got a henna tattoo, sadly it as worn off already but it lasted over a week.
Ky and DonaldKy and Logan in China.Ky and Logan in AustraliaFamily in ItlayPagoda and epcot ballParis at sunsetMayan temple across the lake at sunsetMy henna tattoo on my hand!

After a long day at World Showcase, cause no we did not get back over to Epcot except to walk out. We had to head back over to the Magic Kingdom for "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween", which was a giant sized trick or treat feast! WE walked around and collected candy in a not as busy park. It was fun but I think we were all just pooped. The kids and I all got our faces painted for FREE instead of paying $12 a piece so that was nice. And we got to ride the teacups which made me feel like a little kid again!!
My wild animalsDonald and erik doing the jigDonald and Ky dancingGhost of MickeyMe and Ky and Logan in the tea cups!

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