Friday, October 31, 2008

Year of a Million ZZZZZZZ's (part 4 of 4,part2)

I had to include this into the Disney trip even though we were "on our way home". We checked out of Disney and decided we needed to go over to Downtown Disney. Shopping, shopping and yes MORE shopping!!! However what did I do I took pictures of cool thing that I saw so here are a few of those.....
Lego FamilyLego DragonLego DinoWall of Lego peopleWall of LegosLogan LegoKyleigh Lego
Yeah the Lego store was the coolest!! We all loved it!!
After spending a couple hours shopping, we were off. But not leaving Florida just yet!! We decided to cross the state and head to the beach, why?? Well because I figured being so close to the ocean and not going to see it could possibly be a crime. Plus I was hoping to stop my kids from thinking that any lake or pond they saw was the ocean. Show it to them in person and then they would understand just how big the ocean is!!
Sign at Cape Canaveral BeachFirst steps on the beachBeautiful Veiwthe wave was chasing him
The ocean was beautiful and fun. The kids LOVED it and did not want to leave but we still had a VERY long drive home, plus the added hours it took to get to the beach, but it was all worth it!!

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