Friday, October 31, 2008

Year of a Million ZZZZZZZ's (part 4 of 4,part1)

OK so the last day at Disney was to go to Animal Kingdom, what can I say about this. Well it was my least favorite and I could have skipped it all together! In my opinion it was the Disney Zoo, which is not that special. I mean the safari was cool, but that was really the only thing we did because we all wanted to go back to Epcot to see the thing we missed the day before.
Ky with PocahontasErik with a Tiger
We did get tons of pictures of animals but I'm not going to fill my blog up with pictures of animals that are not mine!! LOL
We went off to Epcot, and I got my oldest to ride test track and mission to mars, so I felt it was a productive day!! LOL After Epcot we had one last Character dinner it was with Chef Mickey and Friends.
Loang and Ky with Chef MickeyErik and Chef MickeyMickey giving Erik a hugMinnie with all threeDonald and all threeKy and Logan with Chef PlutoErik checking out Plutos whiskersMe and Goofy

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